Achievement Matters

Our Belief & Goal

We believe by increasing the allocation of time that helps students in the Achievement Matters! program develop protective factors and resiliency, there will be enhanced growth in academic proficiency, school attendance and related social/emotional developmental areas.

The impact that Achievement Matters! can have on children starts in their day-to-day lives, helps them achieve success during their years of schooling, and empowers them to dream big as they find their futures. The MWUL believes that everyone has a responsibility to assure that the necessary resources are available to close the education achievement gap, and that all students deserve to be prepared for life beyond high school; whether it is college, the military, or the workforce. Serving over 100 students every year in Wilmington since 2006, Achievement Matters has worked to significantly increase graduation rates and reduce the achievement gap with our students.

“Cultivating Young Genius”

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